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Hello there! We are Ultraschall Games, a small games company based in germany. Our ultimate vision is to use the acoustic level (sounds, noises, music) as an essential part for creating multisensory game experiences. Therefore, we are building a invisible architecture to use the strength of audio and transform it into the main character of gameplay.

We make Games, in which sound tells the story.

Ultraschall LogoEchosystemResonance

"Echosystem: Resonance" is our current prototype in development. Dive into a story where sound is treated like a life essence that flows through every organism. Your mission is to puzzle through an exciting game world, make use of your senses and your given soundpowers to uncover lost places that has been buried in sound-chaos.

The Ultraschall Team

We've met in December 2019 as an interdisciplinary Team of 5 human beings to follow our passion, with the goal to develope an audio focused Game concept.

Being part of the talent promotion VR-NOW 2020, facilitated by the MFG Baden-Württemberg and the Animations Institut Ludwigsburg, gave us the opportunity to gather a lot of experience as a Team. That inspire us even more than a year ago to take audio to a new dimension in VR.


Please use the contact form to get in touch with us. Feel free to ask questions. If you want, we will keep you updated via Mail Newsletter. 0% spam, 100 % Information. Promise!

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